According to Peter Drucker, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence –it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” With the return of democracy in 1999, Nigeria was touted to become a leading brand in democratic advancement across Africa and the world. Hopes were high; ‘Arise o compatriots!’resonated. 23years later, voter  apathy ,vote buying,  violence, thuggery, and corruption have become the hallmark of elections in Nigeria. This was clearly evident during the conduct of the 2015 general elections in which the total population of the registered voters stood at 67,422,005(less than 50% of the total population) while those that voted were29,432,083(less than 35%).

This unfortunate reality accounts for the low performance of our democracy in the last 23 years. The big question is, how can a people (youths) who want good governance achieve it when more than 60% of them do not vote and less than 20%have accurate information about the candidates and the electoral process?

Identifying these generational problems and the need to solve them, Abia youths have taken it upon themselves to be the change they want to see; to walk the talk and help strengthen our democracy to achieve good governance and even distribution of its dividends. We are glad to introduce one-on-one with political candidates in Abia State; an outcome of our generational press conference tagged:”Walk to Good Governance.”

Because we understand the significance of the 2023 elections and future elections, we partnered with INEC and other NGOs to register more than 74,000 voters in Abia State. Consequently, with this initiative, we hope to revitalize the democratic and patriotic spirit of Abians, make the voting process and manifestos of candidates clear to the people and be the generation that will bring good governance to Abia State. It is the ultimate responsibility of Abia youths to make Abia great again, and we will not rest until Abia starts working and becomes truly the number one state in the federation. This program is responsibly powered by ProgressiveAbiaYouths.

 Our Aim

The aim of this timely intervention programme is to create an environment where Abia youths can have an open-minded conversation with candidates vying for political offices irrespective of their political parties and get first-hand information about their plans for Abia youths and policy directions on issues that concern Nigerians at large. This programme will act as a catalyst; spurring Abians to take2023 elections seriously and get all the necessary information about the electoral process.

Furthermore,documentations during the engagement will serve as an evaluationtool to ensure that candidates who emerge victorious in the 2023 elections live up to their promises.

Our Objectives

  • Toimprove Abia youths participation in governance at all levels
  • Toensure gender balance and equal opportunities for all Abia 
  • Toprovide accurate information about the provisions of the electoral 
  • Tocreate enabling environment for Abia youths, and ensure their voices are 
  • Toeffectively itemize the needs of today’s 
  • Tocreate a platform for Abia Youths and their leaders to exchange meaningful ideas and 
  • Toimprove political awareness and magnify voter education in 
  • To accessalternative views on national issues with an aim to proffer sustainable 
  • To embolden the principles of character, competence and capacity as a yardstickfor all candidates.
  • Ensureunprecedented overall turn out of voters during the 2023 general.
A progressive Abia with Progressive Abia Youths remains our ultimate goal