When Martin Luther king Jr stood on the iconic steps of the Lincoln memorial to make his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, Freedom for the negroes was at the epicenter of his rendition.
Mesmerizing the crowd with his captivating words and rythmic quotes, Martin Luther king Jr built in the minds of thousands of negroes and whites in August 1963, a solid foundation of hope cemented on purpose.

On the third of January 2022, the Progressive Abia Youths rose from her extraordinary convention to declare war on unemployment and under employment in Abia State, to consciously build an empowered and engaged youth populace.

Citing Dr. King’s proclamation, the current political dispensation in Abia State has abused the term empowerment. They have handed the youths a cheque of empowerment, one which has come back marked insufficient funds. They have left our youths underemployed and ultimately unemployed with their emergency empowerment gimmicks and today we have risen to say… Never again!!

We have come to realize and ultimately believe that the bank of opportunities in our Nation-State cannot be bankrupt and so have positioned ourselves as progressive entities to maximize them for the economic and political emancipation of Abia Youths, Abia State and Nigeria at large.

Observing the emboldened Abia Youths who like the proverbial Solomon did not ask for riches but for purposeful wisdom, Dr. Chima Anyaso pledged to support the Progressive Abia Youths Entrepreneurship and Academic Support Program with the sum of 1million Naira. Mazi Dr. Sam Ohuabunwa and Dr. Michael Enyinna Kasarachi were moved to dance with the dancing opportunity for impact and they made pledges that will be followed up in due time.

Acknowledging the strength and character of the leadership of PAY, Chima Anyaso Foundation has graciously increased the financial pledge for the program and Abia Youths are inspired to push further.

With a sound mind and sincerity of purpose, we are glad to declare open,
Chima Anyaso Foundation Business Grant and mentorship program, an outcome of the Progressive Abia Youths Extraordinary Convention