On the 18th of April 2022, history witnessed an addition. She welcomed a new set of trees planted in the serene environment of National war Museum Umuahia. Beyond the new trees planted, we took a trip into the wonderlands of history to remind the Youths about the robust opportunities that justice, peace and equity brings and the agony that accompanies the opposite which Culminates into war…. The 1967 Nigeria-Biafra civil war has its lessons and we learnt from history

Thanks to Progressive AbiaYouths Umuahia North and South LGA Chapters, youths who are united by a singular purpose… To make Abia progressively great! Kudos to Happiness Chiamaka Nwokocha & Agunwamba Miracle Obinna , leaders of Umuahia North and South LGAs

We know that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the best time to make Abia great was 23 years ago, another best time to plant another tree is now. Another opportunity to make Abia great is here!
Our vision is timeless, our impact boundless.

A progressive Abia with Progressive Abia Youths remains our ultimate goal.