Abia State was created on the 27th of August, 1991, and tomorrow Abia State will be 32. Abia State, which is known as God’s Own State, has been known since creation to be an industrious state.

Abia has had prominent men who have served as her governors, ranging from Ogbonnaya Onu to Dr. Alex Oti the Incumbent. These men have, in their own time, contributed their quota towards the development of the state. And it continues to be a work in progress until we reach the Promise Land.
Abia is a state that has vibrant, active, dedicated, progressive, and educated young men and women who are doing well in various sectors to ensure that the state progresses.

The major challenge the youth are facing in the state is the platform to be included in governance (lack of inclusion in governance). The youth are no longer the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today.

Abia youths should be given the opportunity or platform to be part of the governing and policy-making processes in the state to enable them to showcase their potential and leadership skills.

Abia youths should be given pride of place in governance and the opportunity to be heard. The future of every generation lies in the hands of the young people, and the young people should be given the platform to be part of the governing system to ensure a prosperous Abia.

Our future is in our hands.
Thank you, and God bless Abia State.

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